Heat her with A-P Tubes

(To receive our daily concerts from the California Theatre, and enjoy them completely, use A-P. tubes and De Forest Inter-panel C. W. equipment. At your dealer or direct from us. Write for catalog.)

  • Radiotorial Comment.
  • The New Federal Arc Station at Palo Alto.

Main Power Switchboard

  • The How and Why of Radio Tuning.

Variation of Radiated Wire Lenght with Frequency of Vibration

  • Cutthroat Competition in General Public Business.

The Great Northern Fisheries of San Francisco were in receipt of the following telegram:
"Send twelve audion bulbs; terrific explosion occured last night. In addition, ship complete set of meters for power house, one armature, new leftside engine flywheel and sixty fell belting. Nosey Olsen hanging around when explosion occurred. Notify Swedish-American Life Insurance Co."

  • How Snow Ball Four-Flushed and Lost.

  • The Continuous Wave Club of California.

Radio 6ALE, Upper View Showing Transmitting and Lower View Sending Equipment

  • Digest of Recent Radio Patents.
    • Samuel E. Adair, July 5, 1921 - Amplifier.
    • Raymond A. Heising, July 5, 1921 - Power Modulation for Radio Transmission.
    • Athelstan A. Hall, July 12, 1921 - Wireless Signaling Apparatus.
    • Roy A. Weagant, July 12, 1921 - Means for Generating Electrical Oscillations.
    • Harold F. Elliott, July 19, 1921 - Arc Radio Oscillation Generator.
    • John Mills, July 19, 1921 - Radio Receiving System.
    • Clair L. Ferrand, July 26, 1921 - Radio Transmitter.
    • Ernest F. W. Alexander, August 9, 1921 - Mathod of and Apparatus for Producing and Distributing Electric Current Waves of Radio Frequency.
    • Albert W. Hull, July 26, 1921 - Electron Discharge Device.
    • Ralph V. L. Hartley, August 9, 1921 - Receiving Apparatus for Wave Signaling.
    • Reginald C. Clinker, August 9, 1921 - Radiosignaling System.
    • James H. Rogers, August 16, 1921 - Radiosignaling System.
    • Albert W. Hull, August 16, 1921 - Negative Resistance.
    • Albert W. Hull, August 16, 1921 - Electron Discharge Device.
    • Albert W. Hull, August 16, 1921 - Wireless Receiving System.
  • Experiments and Equipment at the Presidio Station.

"Hello! 6XW calling" - Sergeant R.C. Tavers, the man with the million dollar voice."

  • 6ZAF Furnishes Astronomical Time by Radio.

6ZAF Picking Up Radio Time Signals in Lower California

  • Scotti Grand Opera by Radio.
  • S. F. Radio Club Elects New Officers.
  • The Magnetron - a New Synchronous Detectior.
  • Monthly Broadcast of Radio News.
  • Static Statistics from Everywhere.
  • New Apparatur and Supplies from the Radio Manufactures.